Eddie Alterman

Editor in Chief
Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Eddie Alterman grew up around, in, and under automobiles. He learned to drive at age 10, at the wheel of his father’s 1962 Porsche 356B.

Alterman’s passion for cars led him in 1991 to the door of Automobile Magazine where, between classes at the University of Michigan, he maintained the magazine’s fleet of test cars. He stayed at Automobile for 13 years, advancing through roles as copy editor, associate editor, and senior editor (with a side gig as columnist for Men’s Journal), before leaving the magazine in 2004.

In that year, Alterman started MPH magazine with the help of associates from Automobile and Car and Driver. MPH combined the irreverent snark of Spy with the high-octane visuals and offbeat storytelling of a 1960s-era Car and Driver. The magazine folded in 2006. After MPH, Alterman took back up with Men’s Journal and launched an automotive-lifestyle website,, while contributing to the New York Times.

In 2009, Alterman was named editor-in-chief of Car and Driver, where he oversees all editorial aspects of the brand. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Franklin, Michigan.

Tony Quiroga

Senior Editor
Tony is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, where he studied enough engineering that his English degree is a Bachelor of Science rather than a Bachelor of Arts sheepskin. Tony also has two years of pre-med studies under his belt. Tony possesses a burning curiosity for all things automotive, and his knowledge of older BMWs and Porsches verges on encyclopedic. Even more impressive, his knowledge of Car and Driverstories over the past 25 years exceeds that of many of the staff's elders—and that's saying something. Tony artfully scribes the magazine's all-important Up Front section, as well as road tests, previews, and short takes.

Aaron Robinson

Executive Editor
Growing up near Detroit, Aaron belongs to the one family in town that has absolutely nothing to do with cars, and is thus certain he was adopted. Classmates at the University of Michigan, where he slithered through with a liberal arts degree in 1991 having completed perhaps 30 percent of the required reading, helped him land a brief job as a car-washer for Automobile magazine which ended soon after he sent a memo to magazine founder David E. Davis Jr. with a few driving tips. After that, Robinson worked at several different publications. Somewhere along the way, he acquired a taste for diverting old cars from a well-deserved trip to the junkyard, culminating in the purchase of a 1969 Lamborghini Espada basket case. Robinson also owns a 1972 Chrysler-Australia Charger 770 and a 1969 Toyota Corona Deluxe and is tired of being asked why. He joined the staff of Car and Driver in 2000.

Daniel Pund

Deputy Editor
Daniel Pund, who was once described as “grossly neurologically intact” by an actual medical doctor, serves as Deputy Editor of the magazine. This is Pund’s second stint at Car and Driver, having previously spent four years as Senior Editor before bolting to help launch MPH magazine with a guy named Eddie Alterman. In his current capacity, Pund is responsible for planning future issues, writing, and various other matters too mundane and/or aggravating to mention. He has contributed to Esquire’s Big Black Book and GQ, in addition to a variety of automotive publications. He gets his terrible taste in old cars from his father.

Darin Johnson

Creative Director
His passion for cars was instilled early since one of the two family cars growing up was a MGA 1600 Mark II which became his first car at 16, clearly his parents wanted him dead.  After being persuaded not to pursue an education in architecture by his architect father, he decided to teach his father he could choose a lesser career in art direction. With the odds of landing a job at an automotive publication about as rare as surviving driving to countless early morning swim practices through snowstorms, Darin somehow landed his dream job. After 10 years at Automobile magazine, Darin set off with Eddie Alterman as co-founder of MPH magazine, a short freelance stint, one more 2 year tour at Automobile magazine and then finally at Car and Driver. The MGA is still in the family, as well as Darin.

Don Sherman

Technical Director
Technical director Don Sherman studied engineering but grabbed the opportunity to join Car and Driver as technical editor in the wooden spoke era.  He's an avid car and motorcycle collector and restorer who's served two stints here.  After rising to editor in 1985, he departed in 1988 to expand his writing horizons to include contributions to Air&Space, Boating, Corvette Quarterly, Popular Science, Quattroruote, New York Times, Motor Trend, and other publications. In 2011, he returned to Car and Driver to resume the technical director role he first enjoyed 30-plus years ago. While Sherman has witnessed dramatic industry upheavals, he remains fascinated by what the future will bring to personal automobiles and travel.

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