1. Published monthly by Hearst Magazines.
2. Issued approximately the first Tuesday of the month preceding cover date.
3. Space closes approximately the 15th of the second month preceding cover date. Insertion orders must be received by the publisher by the 15th of the second month preceding the cover date. When the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the space closing date or material due date will revert to the preceding working day.

Rates and specifications available upon request. Specifications are based on insert qualifying, at a Periodicals Rate (formerly Second Class). If Post Office finds insert does not meet the qualifications, it will be classified as Standard A Rate (formerly Third Class) and all additional postage will be billed back to the advertiser. A final dummy of the insert must be submitted to Hearst Magazines Production before printing in order for it to be acceptable for binding.


SPLIT RUN ADVERTISING Split runs are available. Rates upon request.

REGIONAL ADVERTISING Regional rates available upon request.

CIRCULATION Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Subscriptions $15.00 per year. Single copy price $4.99 U.S., $5.99 Canada.

*Half page horizontal only
** Minimum rateholder. Failure to achieve contracted frequency level will result in a short rate to next lower rate break.
For the full terms and conditions please refer to the General Conditions within the Car and Driver media kit at

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